GM All,

Today finds me in a highly reflective mood…

I was thinking about the Sacrifices we make on a daily basis that almost always go unnoticed.

So many tend to take our sacrifices for granted due to their selfish nature.
Being selfless is more often than not construed as a sign of weakness.

I see it as a major strength. The fact that you can and are willing to place the need of another above those of your own is to be commended.
Most simply are either unwilling or unable to do this.

All I can be is me; Not who you think I should be. #TakeMeAsIAm

While I am by no means perfect I continually strive to be the very BEST me that I can possibly be!

I am in No way interested in anyone who is unwilling to make sacrifices for what’s important in life.

Make time for what /those who, matter(s) most.

Life is about making sacrifices…

Be Blessed & Highly Favored in All things…

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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