Always the Victim

Its that time again, where I take you on yet another tumultuous ride on the bipolar roller coaster…

Its amazing that people judge you based on your appearance.
They’re of the belief that you receive preferential treatment based on the way you look.

They fail to see that what you’ve accomplished is based on your tenacity & hard work rather than what you look like.

Some people always play the victim card, they always talk about all the wrong that’s been done to them; never having once mentioned the part they’ve played in the scenarios.

Maybe its their deep seeded need to portray themselves as victims that lands them in the leading role that is known only to them.
More often than not the side of the story presented is the one that will cast “the victim” in the most unfavorable light.

Thereby eliciting much appreciated sympathy for the victim.
Some people love to play the victim role, it makes them seem less threatening.

One would believe that anyone having been hurt as badly as “the victim” wouldn’t possibly hurt anyone in the manner that they themselves had been subjected to.

Against better judgment we would never expect them to have ulterior motives; quite the contrary. They expect this reaction from you. They prey on your kindness.

They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. We are usually none the wiser.
Essentially our insecurities are being exploited.
Ask yourself, why would someone you barely know bare their souls to you. Why present yourself in such a vulnerable manner?

Chances are you cannot answer this question.
So to you I say; thread lightly…

I much prefer to be the Villain instead of the victim.
Its way more fun…
When painting my portrait, be sure to spell my name correctly

Shout out to all the Angels & Demons amongst us!

Which are you?

Until I rant again

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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