Never Give Up

Love isn’t always about euphoric feelings,
Selfless sacrifices; kind & genuine exchanges.

Though many seem to think that it is.
Quite the contrary.

Love is about patience; sacrifices; growth.

If everything is always perfect, when the rough times come, generally that’ll signify the end of the relationship.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

I have found that quote to be so true.

At times you may think that the grass may be greener on the other side so you just give up, in hopes of finding a fairy tale; only to be faced with a nightmare…

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day with out thinking about.”

When times are rough you need to look deep within to remind yourself about what drew you together in the first place. Go back to the foundation & draw from the initial inspiration.

Lies hurt. No two ways about it. The worst part is when you lie to a loved one…
No, not your significant other. Yourself.
If you can’t be totally honest with yourself; tell me who can you be honest with?

When you’re alone with your thoughts do you ever take a long hard look at yourself and think, “I messed up?” “I shouldn’t have done or said the things I did?”

Accountability matters. Acknowledge your transgressions & seek to rectify it.

Do you make excuses for yourself? Trying to justify your every action? Hurt people hurt people. Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you should lash out.

To have you as my love requires a lot of patience & continuous sacrifice; I need you to do the same for me…

That’s a lesson I had to learn. At times we don’t see what’s right before our very eyes.
Sometimes we tend to take another for granted, until the treat of losing them materializes.

You cannot work on a relationship alone. To even try to accomplish this’ is to fight a losing battle. This is not a spectator sport. It requires teamwork, dedication & a willingness to compromise.

At times its easier said than done.

People don’t stay together for 20+ years with out enduring trials & tribulations.
Maybe they’re less vocal about publicizing their differences, than our generation is.
*Food for thought*

This road of life does not come with a map nor GPS; its up to us to navigate the rugged terrain to arrive at our Paradise…

So I ask you, are you ready for the journey?

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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