National Child Abuse Prevention

Let me start by saying, I am no expert on this topic. I am merely stating my opinion.

I was a Victim of abuse.

Help is available.

You may think you should mind your business when you see a child being abused or neglected, thinking it has nothing to do with you.

But it does. That child may die at the hands of their abuser, what you knew could have been stopped. You could have save that child’s life!

Children are our future!
They’re a powerless population!
It is not their fault!
Children look to us for guidance, they trust us.

Disciplining a child shouldn’t be cruel, demeaning or hurtful.

There’s a difference between discipline & abuse. Hurt people hurt people!

Abuse takes on many forms,
It can be
Physical : hitting shoving etc,
Verbal and or Mental: saying mean hurtful things;
Sexual: sexual contact with a child, touching, penetration, conversation ; exposure to anything of a sexual nature,
Emotional: withholding love, respect, affection; support.
Neglect: not paying attention to your child’s health; educational, social; developmental needs; failure to provide preventative care; lack of concern for their developmental needs.

Most cases are never reported as there is a “stigma” attached to abuse of any kind.

When abuse of any kind occurs there are usually. Life long physical, emotional, health & developmental residuals.

There is scientific evidence to support the fact that abuse can lead to brain & motor defects. It can stunt social development as well.

Some of the most dangerous side effects of abuse isn’t visual. Emotional & mental scarring from abuse & neglect can often disrupt one’s daily life.

Victims may suffer from a wide range of emotional & social phobias, they may experience anxiety, distrust, paranoia, depression, suicidal tendencies, difficulty adapting to social situations, lack of self esteem’ confidence, feelings of worthlessness, they may themselves become abusive to others or endure abusive relationships themselves.

As a society, its our duty to report any suspected cases of abuse or neglect.
Not to abuse the system and victimize families by being vindictive and making knowingly false accusations just to satisfy a vendetta.

Our children are our future, let’s work together to safeguard them!

By working together we can sometimes prevent abuse and neglect, before it occurs or bring and end to it.

Lend A Hand, Any Way You Can!!!

Each one, teach one.

Be Blessed,

For more information and resources on child abuse and how we can protect our youth log on to


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