Author Erick S. Gray

Author Erick S. Gray is a very passionate, down to earth, magnetic and funny character. With his very easy-going personality, Erick is very humble and grounded despite his accomplishments. The Conversation was free-flowing, at times Erick seemed, pensive, at times animated and very comedic. Quite the conversationalist, he writes spoken word Poetry and is very much into music. His book collection was very diverse from Judy Blume, James Patterson, Donald Goines to Treasure E Blue, Shannon Holmes & K’wan to name a few.

Erick’s writing style is diverse, he captures the emotions of his characters in a very believable manner, which would make his transition from books to screen plays very effortless. His stories come to life right before your eyes, they jump off of the pages. The raw emotion evoked by his writing is nothing less than a masterpiece

The author of the urban sexomedy Booty Call has been writing seriously since 1997. His writing style of the streets, comedy, anecdotes, and well crafted plots keeps the reader interested with every turn of the page.

This entrepreneur is also the owner/founder of Triple G Publishing, and has partnered with the publishing of SLR (Street Literature Review) a well-rounded magazine about urban literature and upcoming authors of a growing genre. Mr. Gray is also making moves in other markets as well—one particular market is in independent film, he is currently working on his first script for Streets of New York.

The 34-year-old gifted author is a lifelong resident of  Southside Jamiaca, Queens NYhas emerged as a front-runner  with his first endeavor, Booty Call, published by Black Print Publishing in 2003, has sold tens of thousands of copies in the past years, and from there on, he’s never looked back.

No stranger to the streets, Erick’s very descriptive writing style is often very cinematic, as he weaves the tales, it’s as if you were walking in the very shoes of each character. His Stories are thrilling and gritty as he  has shown in his collaboration with Mark Anthony and Anthony Whyte in the Streets of New York series Volume, one, two and three, along with Ghetto HeavenLove and a Gangsta, and  his award-winning blockbuster Crave All Lose All, which won an award for best urban street lit book, 2007. Nasty Girls, It’s Like Candy, Money Power Respect, Flexin & Sexin, Booty Call *69, and the highly anticipated soon to be released novels, America’s Soul, One Lyfe to Live and Nasty Girls 2

Erick also has been featured in numerous anthologies, such as Menace, published by Melodrama, Around the way girls 5, published by Urban books, From the streets to the Sheets, the ground breaking, Heartbreakers anthology with powerhouse Kensington and Flexin’ and Sexin 2, published by Life Changing Books, with Treasure Blue, Deshawn Taylor and Nichelle Walker.

Erick S.Gray’s books can be purchased at many Major Book Distributors such as Barnes and Nobel, Borders Books, and where ever good books are sold. Most of his titles are also available in E-Book format for Kindle & Nook, e-readers.

Erick has been signed to various publishing companies from St. Martin’s Press to Black Print Publishing, and has experienced many aspects of the genre, from self-publishing Streets of New York with co-authors Mark Anthony and Anthony Whyte, to editing stories with Q-Boro books or those of other up and coming authors, he has even appeared on the Cover of one of his books.

Erick epitomizes consistency, releasing books on a yearly basis, remaining very relevant, he quotes, “Creativity burns through my skin and to let you know, I’m sentenced to life with a gift.”

Erick S. Gray shows that young African-American males don’t all fall into the same categories of drug dealer/thief statistic. His future is bright, potential limitless and we expect nothing but an action packed ride on his ascension to the pinnacle.

Erick’s perseverance, determination, patience and resilience has proven that he can indeed hold his own among literary giants such as Shannon Holmes, Nikki Turner and K’wan, amongst others in the urban literature hierarchy.

As the adage goes;  Never judge a book by its cover!!!

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Author Erick S. Gray

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