Must Read Erick S Gray

Crave All Lose All
Vincent lost his job and moved in with his mother. His friend Tyriq is a big time drug dealer and willing to sponsor him into a drug cartel. Vincent is reluctant, but his baby mama is nagging and bills are piling up. Hustling is the way. But his long-time friend (and an experienced hustler) Spoon is against Vincent getting down. Vincent ignores Spoon’s advice and joins Tyriq. Vincent quickly starts stacking major figures. The never-ending gwap, expensive cars, jewelry and fast women prove addictive. What he craves could be his downfall. The higher he climbs, the more envy he encounters. Vincent is caught in a costly, ugly and vicious war. Younger soldiers are ready to kill in order to rise. Does Vincent have what it takes to succeed at this most ruthless, dirty game?

Love And A Gangsta

LOVE AND A GANGSTA will satisfy the palate of any audienceTold in his inimitable style, Erick S. Gray delivers a classic knockout. Read LOVE AND A GANGSTA and you’ll be floored by the story of Soul and Americawho have been in love since their teenage days. They invested ten years together until Soul is incarcerated for drugs and gun. America waits four years for her man to return home from prison. Soul comes home with plans of strutting down the straight and narrow path. But life isn’t so easy in a new drug era. Old habits die hard and demons haunt him. That lust for money and the fast life still lingers. Soul watches from the sidelines as America’s music career takes off.

Despite knowledge of Soul’s infidelity, America sticks by him through thick and thin.  There are drugs, shootings, and trial, but Americabelieves in holding her man down one hundred and ten percent. She expects the same from him and wants better for Soul.

Read LOVE AND A GANGSTA, and see if Soul wants better for himself. Find out if America will hold on and be strong, hoping her man is truly rehabilitated and committed to their future. All this while OmegaSoul’s best friend, makes mega lootchie, spreading crystal meth throughout Queens.

Does street-life reclaim Soul? Or will LOVE for America, prevail in this GANGSTA?

America’s Soul

Soul has just finished his 18-month sentence for a parole violation. Still in love with his son’s mother, America, he wants nothing more than for them to become a family and move on from his past. But while Soul was in prison, America’s music career started blowing up and she became entangled in a rocky relationship with a new man, Kendall. Kendall is determined to keep his woman by his side, and America finds herself caught in a tug of war between the two men. Soul turns his attention to battling the street life that landed him in jail — setting up a drug program to rid the community of its tortuous meth problem — but will Soul’s efforts cross his former best friend, the murderous drug kingpin Omega?

Delve into the action packed thriller as told by master storyteller Erick S. Gray.
Witness the rise and fall and perhaps rise again of Soul?
Only one way to find out, read these books and experience street life at its grittiest!
Take the journey with Soul & America as they encounter the many trials and tribulations associated with living and loving, against all odds.
Will these two star crossed lovers survive South side’s grimy streets?
Get the trilogy today!
Purchase Erick S. Gray’s Books  at Barnes and Nobel, Borders, Amazon and Anywhere Books are sold. Also Available for Nook and Kindle E Book Readers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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