The Past

The Past…
There are reasons why you’re in the past,
So many reasons why we didn’t last,
while some things are better left unsaid,
I remember all that you did.

Though in my heart there’s no hate,
I pity the next one that you’ll date,
I’m hopeful that you’ve grown,
Cuz more maturity needs to be shown.

I only wish the best for you,
Hoping that one day you’ll be true,
Multiple Signs Why it wasn’t meant to be, I opened my eyes so I could see.

I’m not hurt just disappointed,
About all of the time that was wasted,
The experience taught me how to deal,
Time has taught me how to heal.

So I no longer think of the pain,
Just my future & all I have to gain,
Of my many goals to achieve,
and every blessing I’m yet to receive.

My future is so very bright,
nothing but success is in my sight,
I refuse to hold on to the past, wondering about why it didn’t last.

Peace & love to you my friend,
We’ve come to see this is the end,
Life is about what you make it,
Not about how well we faked it!
Che’ xoxo


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