Make Time

GM All! Often we are unable to slow down long enough to enjoy life; the simple things that actually make it worth living.

We are so focused on everything but what really matters.

Money cannot buy happiness.
Sure it can provide us with the necessities & luxuries that one would associate with happiness.

At the end of the day when life gets to you can your money give you a reassuring hug and tell you that its going to be okay?

Can it comfort you when it seems as if nothing is going right, no matter how hard you try?

Can it tell you that you are amazing, appreciated, respected and loved beyond measure?

I’d say no. Now if your money can do all of that & then some, then you’re onto something truly special.

Make time for those that truly matter. It can be hard but think of what your life would be like without that special someone to love, respect,support, comfort & appreciate you, especially when you need it the most.

Don’t take for granted that they’ll continuously take a back seat to everything you have going on.

The same desires you have they have as well. No one wants to be viewed as a convenience, only to be “used” when necessary.

The same love and respect & appreciation you desire; they do as well.

Appreciate what you have while you still have it.

Make time for those that matter most!

Tomorrow is not promised; make a difference while you still have a chance.

The Clock is ticking!

Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo
♥̸̨͡。•*Bιρσℓαяbσσ™*•。♥̸̨͡ #TeamWinning


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