Rejuvenate your soul

GM, Thank U Father 4 this day! Our bodies are our Temples, agreed? Then why do we neglect & mistreat them in the manner that we do?

Granted everything proceeds at an accelerated pace; but it is up to us to devote sufficient time to building & fortifying our temples.

Would you frequent a building with a weak infrastructure? So why continue to overload your epicenter without upgrading it?

Reboot your mind by reducing negative; limiting; defeatist thoughts and attitudes.

Keep in mind; Positive Energy in; Positive energy out!
Make time for yourself.
Elevate your thoughts & actions.

Edify your entire being by focusing on positive energies; serene settings; laughter; healthier meal options & portions; exercise and most of all sufficient rest.

Take the time to relax & unwind!
Rejuvenate your Body, Soul, Spirit & Mind!

Happiness, Peace, Tranquility!

Live, Laugh, Love & Learn!

Be the very best you than you can possibly be!

Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo
♥̸̨͡。•*Bιρσℓαяbσσ™*•。♥̸̨͡ #TeamWinning


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