As the 1st tear ran down my cheek; I reflect on the sleepless nights its now been a week;
Wondering how this all went so wrong; how I’m reduced to Tears, I’m not too strong…

Confused by why I can’t let you go; though in my heart of hearts I somehow know; that we were never meant to be; a different path, a different destiny…

Tender thoughts we once confessed; Callous Words we now profess; how it all faded away; Pregnant silences nothing left to say…

Quell the Storm & raging sea; Calm the hurt that brews within me; Hide the Sun & send the rain; so that I may release this pain…

Turn this unrest into Peace;
Cause it all to abruptly cease;
Feeling so bereft & forlorn;
All because the love is gone…

Emotionally bankrupt; this was so very abrupt; I never thought I’d be here again, experiencing all this frustration & pain…

It took little faith to
Decide; How and when our Worlds would collide; Love should never know any boundaries; whether we’re separated by States or Countries…

Hearts now strewn in the distance; all because of a lack of patience; the time has come to bid you adieu; I’ve nothing left to say to you…

Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo
♥̸̨͡。•*Bιρσℓαяbσσ™*•。♥̸̨͡ #TeamWinning


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