Yesterday the entire country was abuzz with the impending execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis.

The entire internet was on fire with Twitter & Facebook being the forerunners in the fight to save Troy Davis.

Hashtags of #TooMuchDoubt #SaveTroyDavis #Pray4TroyDavis could be viewed in just about every post on Twitter & Facebook alike.

Numerous emails were sent to Judge Penny Freesemann at pfreesemann@chathamcounty.org to aid in the fight to stop the impending execution.

Davis has always maintained his innocence and in a last ditch effort offered to submit to a polygraph test; which was denied.

Davis’ application for Clemency was denied.

The NAACP has been very vocal in their support of Troy Davis’ innocence.

Despite the relentless arguments by Davis’ legal team & Supporters Worldwide the decision to execute him was halted for a few hours, only for the decision to proceed with his execution by lethal injection to be upheld.

Troy Anthony Ðavis was executed at 11:08pm on 9/21/11 for the 1989 Murder conviction of a White off duty police officer in Savannah GA.

It saddens me that the Justices allowed an innocent man to be executed. Why couldn’t they have granted him the Polygraph test that he was willing to submit to?

Would that Not have proved his innocence?

Witnesses recanting their testimonies, someone else having confessed to the crime, was that not enough to have granted him a retrial?

I hope that the burden of knowing that they could have prevented an innocent’s death, haunts them forever.


Condolences to everyone affected by this travesty.

For more information on Troy Davis log onto

Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo
http://www.twitter.com/bipolarboo #TeamWinning


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