Live & Lead by Example

GM! Thank U Father 4 this day!
Most have found themselves pointing fingers at others. We always know what THEY did wrong.

When you point a finger at someone, there are 3 more fingers pointing back at you.

Before we scrutinize the actions of another, we need to analyze our own…

If you have influence of any sort, you should use it in a way that is beneficial to others.

Be an example of the change you so desperately seek!

Judge Not, lest ye be judged.

The same code of conduct you would place on another, must 1st be placed on yourself.

Live & Lead by example.

Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo
♥̸̨͡。•*Bιρσℓαяbσσ™*•。♥̸̨͡ #TeamWinning


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