At times when nothing seems to be going right, we often lose sight of the bigger picture.

To help yourself when you stumble, you need to see that every step you take, is 1 step closer to attaining a goal.
Keep in mind that the greatest of journeys started with that 1 small step.
Though at the time you just desire to get  to a certain point, then think of another further along.

As a child you learned to count to 10, though you knew that there were numbers above 10, your goal was to get to 10.
At some point, numbers beyond 10 became fathomable. So too is the journey of life.

Get to 10. Then 20, until you attain the reward you seek.

Never become complacent.

Each step you take is a Milestone. Don’t  ever  measure your progress by what you haven’t done!

Be vigilant in your quest for knowledge & success!

Drink from the vat of prosperity by being relentless in your pursuit of  it!

It’s not about how many times you’ve fallen. Its about the fact that you’ve gotten up every time!

You may be down, but you’ll never be out!

Affirm that you are Good Enough!

Success is within my grasp!

I can accomplish every goal I’ve set!

I will succeed!


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