The Bipolar Experience

Mature Audiences Only Please!!!!
18 & Over!!!

#Twitterafterdark at it’s finest!
Okay since you all begged, pouted & pleaded here is the entire story, enjoy responsibly!

*****This is a work of Fiction, strictly overactive imagination*****

I woke up this morning to a muggy ass day, perfect weather to take a
dip in the pool…Problem is my Pool was’nt open, yet. I had recently
set up an appt to have the pool cleaned, thankfully today was the
day… I waited patiently for the service men to appear. Last year
they sent some fat disgusting ass white boy, hmmm I couldn’t fathom
the thought of fucking him… I hoped they’d send me some eye candy
this time…

At 10am on the dot, I heard the doorbell ring, I
sauntered to the door and saw this Caramel Adonis standing there,
looking so out of place… I checked my appearence in the mirror

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