I’m reblogging this post because I know that I’m not the only one thats felt this way…

The Bipolar Experience

There is no worse feeling than feeling unloved, not being appreciated, of being used and taken for granted, taken advantage of, especially by loved ones, people that you care about and who are supposed to care about you in return, friends included.

Have you ever went out of your way to do something for someone, only to have them not appreciate it? Gone without so someone else could have something? Given your last? How about the shirt off your back? Then “they” the recipient of your generosity didn’t so much as offer a thank you?

Just acted like you were supposed to do it, like it was your duty, instead of a favor that you could have refused to do, but instead decided to move heaven on earth to make it happen for them.

I know, its not a good feeling right? I’ve been there before, way too many times……

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