Sound Off!!

Anytime you find yourself in the company of someone who is consistently challenging your growth as well as your evolution into becoming a better person, they are toxic and you should rid yourself of them.

Just because you are aware of certain situations and or were raised around them doesn’t make you one of them. Speaking from a place of blatant disregard may be okay with some but I personally take offense to it.
Some may shuck & jive to your song but I for one am not impressed in the least.
Your disrespect of others is faster than most blink and people laugh, because they are too weak to check you on it.

I don’t give passes to anyone. It’s irrelevant where you are from or who you are friends with.
Going to & knowing people from the hood doesn’t qualify you as being hood.

You are nothing but an opportunist.
Your prey on what you perceive to be another’s weakness.
You take recklessness to unimaginable heights.

Your mouth will surely write a check that your ass can’t cash.
Watching your rubbery ass bounce will illicit smiles for miles.

Disrespect by any other name is disrespect.
You can post as many profound googled quotes as the web offers,
you are and always will be a sorry ass excuse for a human being.

Your lack of couth & the levels of disdain you exhibit are intolerable.
You are a bonafide Asshole.
Sorry Asshole, for aligning you with such poor company.

That being said, you will now be blocked.


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