Standing Out

It’s okay to be different.

Diversity is what makes the world go around.

We come in a variety of colors, shapes & sizes.

I don’t look like everyone, nor do I sound and or think like everyone else.

It took a while for me to be comfortable enough to be who I am.

I tried to dress, talk & act like my friends when I was younger.

I was very unhappy. I’d be out at the Mall, reading a book.

Life became much simpler when I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I would always stand out.

Once I became comfortable in my own skin, I realized that others were trying to be like me! 

I like reading books, painting, writing & photography.

None of my friends were into that at the time, I was able to introduce them to something new.

We began embracing each other’s differences & the exposure to new and exciting hobbies and ideas.

Most of my friends are loud & boisterous, believe it or not I was the reserved one!

Now I go with the flow though for the most part I’m very reserved.

I’m silly & love to laugh, I’m at times very sensitive but also tougher than you could ever fathom.

But the biggest difference between my friends and I is that I’m bipolar.



I’m often withdrawn and in my own little world.

But that’s okay. I’m a celeb here lol.

The bottom line is don’t take yourself too seriously.

Learn to life, laugh & love…..









3 thoughts on “Standing Out

  1. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy your blog. This particular blog made me feel good inside because deep down I am missing a few screws LOL! And that’s okay.

    Tempera Mental


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