TrayVon Martin

Racism is alive and well in the good old US of A!

Yes I said it.

If that were merely an opinion, George Zimmerman would have already  been arrested and charged with the senseless murder of the innocent, unarmed teenager, Tayvon Martin, whom he shot dead in Sanford FL, on 2/26/12.

But alas he has not been. Its sad that people are so biased that they judge another by their skin color, even in these modern times.

The mere inference that the teenager didn’t belong in a gated community is reprehensible. Have people of african descent not made innumerable strides and accomplished major feats to be treated as fairly as their caucasian counterparts?

Need I remind you the the President of the United States of America is African American? Or had you not noticed?

Trayvon Martin’s presence in a gated community, should not have evoked suspicions in anyone’s mind, except that of someone who was clearly biased against someone of other race, who obviously didn’t believe that that person was entitled to be in such an affluent community.

Audio has surface of the 911 call Zimmerman made prior to the shooting, when asked by the dispatcher if he was following the “suspect” he stated that he was, he was advised not to, yet he did.

During the call Zimmerman is heard repeatedly making comments about, the suspect( Martin)  “being up to no good, being on drugs, acting suspiciously” etc, he is even heard on the call referring to Martin as a “F**King Coon”.

Listen for yourself, in this exerpt from Joel Madison of SeriusXM Satellite Radio

Yet so many are quick to say this wasn’t racially motivated? Then why use a racial slur?

I’ve read commentary about that fact that he was wearing a hoodie, I wasn’t aware that that was strictly a ” black thing.” 

Hoodies are sold by major retailers around the world, even in non urban areas.

Who would come up with such an asinine theory?

 Should everyone who owns a hoodie now be in fear of losing their lives because of some over zealous vigilante crusader? 

I am anxious to see what the decision of the grand jury is going to be, when they convene on April 10th 2012.

The FBI as well as the US Department of Justice will also be conducting their own investigations, so hopefully George Zimmerman indicted.

My heart goes out to the family & Friends & everyone affected by this senseless act of violence.

Please lend your support by signing the petition to bring Trayvon Martin’s killer to justice at :

Also on Twitter Please help #TrayDay #Justice4Tray to trend.

Change your Avatar or Profile picture in your Social Media Networks to the attached picture.


Rest in Peace Travyon Martin, you will get the Justice you so rightfully deserve!

United we STAND, Divided we FALL!!

Charlene Lovett aka Bipolarboo


2 thoughts on “TrayVon Martin

  1. Sad but true ! A lot of ppl think just because we elected the first black President in U.S. history, that all racism has been erased. We need to call Racism out ! I Agree with you that Racism is alive and well and the sad part is…it never died

  2. Its horribly sad that in a society where it is said to be the land of dreams, the innocent is being racially gunned down taking away all dreams from this young man.

    my heart goes out to the family of Trayvon
    Its time to stop racism not just in America but around the world

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