2013 Promises

Well it’s been a while. I took a much needed hiatus to work on my latest masterpiece, CheMira, who is now 2 weeks old. 🙂

At the start of this New Year, I’ve made myself the promise to not have any resolutions.
I don’t need a calendar to dictate when changes are necessary.
I make them as I see fit.

I will not be quoting scripture, not that there is anything wrong with that, but its so not me.

I can’t promise a more evolved me, either. I can promise that I will be the best me possible, a lot of my decisions will be made based on what’s best for me & mine, no one else.

A lot of baggage has been shed, along with most of my pregnancy weight 🙂
No longer will I be an enabled, nor will I carry anyone else’s weight.

My hiatus enabled me to complete several projects that I had previously shelved.
I collaborated on a few projects & developed some new ones.

I’m excited about the possibilities and prospects.

Wishing you & yours the very best that life has to offer in the upcoming new year.

All the best,

I’ll be unapologetically Hillary & loving it,
Che’ xoxo



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