Living with bipolar disorder

It’s no secret that I’m bipolar. I’ve often made light of it. Having this disorder isn’t a death sentence. You can be fully functional and live a very enriching and productive life.

I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post about celebrities living with bipolar disorder. More people have it than we’d ever guess. Being bipolar isn’t necessarily about spazzing out on others or being overtly outspoken. Many speak out of turn when referencing the term bipolar.

Educating yourself is key. Many may have all or a combination of the symptoms and shake it off as just having a bad day. There is no need to suffer, when treatment is available.

Ignorance can cause you to live a very unfulfilling, stress filled life. Knowing is half the battle.

Don’t self diagnose, seek professional advice, even though you may experience some or all of the listed symptoms, a licensed professional’s expertise is required in order to appropriately diagnose the condition as they are very complex and vary from person to person.

Seeking help will help you to cope. Take the first step towards living a better life and becoming the best you possible.

I am enclosing the article from the Huffington Post, as well as a few links to resources that you may find valuable.,,20436786,00.htmlImage


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