The choice is yours…

You simply can’t be happy with someone else, if you aren’t first happy with yourself.

Happiness is what you make of it.
Life doesn’t come with instructions,
Often we muddle through the mazes of hurt & disappointment, trials & tribulations, before arriving at
our happy place.

Keep in mind, very few are successful on their first attempt.

You cannot move forward to embrace your future,
if your arms are laden with the burdens of your past.

Measure your success in increments, celebrate even the smallest of victories. After all progress will never be made if you give up.

Re reading chapters of your past will only stagnate your growth, keep pushing forward.
Strive for excellence,  always.

Let nothing and no one stand in your way.

Peace & Divine Guidance to you all,
Che’ xoxo


One thought on “Choices

  1. I needed to see this!!! Thank You!!! Going through something and even though we may know the answer sometimes it’s good to have reassurance.

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