Kiss of death


I think of all the nights I slept alone, laying here clutching my phone, wondering if you were dead or alive, wondering if I could ever survive, Without the man I’d grown to love; whom I once believed was sent from above… To fill this dark desolate void, but whom my conscience told me to avoid, but still I pressed forth with determination,  albeit with out protection,   for my mind,  soul nor heart, come to think of it, nor any other body part, for that matter all precaution was ignored, its Safe to say that’s why I feel gored. Raped, plundered and pillaged, my self esteem destroyed in the carnage, the 3 ring circus that had become my life, filled with nothing but stress and strife. Stories and falsehoods abound, spiralling quickly toward the ground, hurt and isolation is all I feel, I wake up praying it isn’t real. How did my life end up like this, flashing back, it all started with a kiss… Sneak Peek of ” Inner Recesses” Stay tuned, its going down! *~Mz Che’~*


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