Live, Laugh & Love


Life will NEVER BE PERFECT, Along the pathway we will encounter stress, strife, pain & sorrows. If we persevere we will find the laughter, joy, love & happiness that we are so desperately in search of. We must 1st be happy with ourselves before we can even think of being happy with someone else. Self love & appreciation are paramount in the pursuit of happiness. Take a moment to laugh. More importantly; laugh at yourself! I know I crack myself up on a daily basis. I don’t take myself too seriously. ( Any More) (* Retired Fun Sponge*) sb. update resume! roflmao Cut the “fun sponges” off. Surround yourself with like minded people. Positivity is infectious! If you don’t know how to love & appreciate yourself ; how can you ever truly expect another to do what you couldn’t do for yourself? You will continually accept less than you deserve and be short changed in more ways than one. Take the time to live, laugh & love! Time is of the essence ; why not start today? There’s no time like the present! The saying goes: Practice makes Perfect! (or as close as we’ll ever come to it!) So in case you see someone without a smile; be sure to give them one of yours! You never know the difference it may make in their lives… Be Blessed, Che’ xoxo #TeamWinning @bipolaroo Twitter & Instagram


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