Manifest your dreams


GM! Thank you Father for this day! We all dream; some more than others. Dreaming is a past time for some, for others its a blueprint to help shape their future.

When we dream we are allowing our thoughts and emotions to take form, often our desires may be hidden in our subconscious, dreaming brings them to life.

When writing the story of your life don’t allow anyone else to hold the pen. YOU tell your own tale of what YOUR dreams are…

Expecting everyone to be in agreement when it comes to YOUR dreams isn’t practical.
More often than not they won’t get it; and that’s okay.

Your dreams are just that; YOURS!!!
No one can make your dream a reality better than you can.

Neither can anyone else LIVE your dream.
With hard work and determination you too can fulfill your dreams & begin living your best life!

Never Stop Dreaming!

You are already blessed, just acknowledge it!

I wish you an utterly positive & productive day ahead!

Che’ xoxo

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