GM! Thank you Father for this day! Often we look at what others have and where they are as a guideline as to what we should have and where we should be going.

Everyone’s path is different; no two journeys will ever be alike.
We are all individuals and as such our trials, tribulations and triumphs will likewise vary.

We need to focus more on ourselves and less on everyone else. Our destinies may ultimately be the same but trust and believe our journeys will differ tremendously.

Never judge your capabilities by what someone else has or hasn’t done. With hard work and determination even the most insurmountable of tasks can be conquered.

Set realistic goals for yourself. You can’t achieve Management level results with entry level efforts.

Put your best foot forward always. Celebrate even the smallest victory. A victory is still a victory regardless of its size.

Keep things in perspective and give it your all.

Til we meet again, may you find favor at every juncture.

You are destined for greatness!

Believe! Receive! Achieve!

Che’ xoxo

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