Single Parents


Thank you Father for this day!

I’d like to take this opportunity yo salute all of the single parents.

Some are single by choice not by force and vice versa.
Your efforts are noticed and applauded.

Though you need no recognition nor accolades you put your best foot forward always.
Your primary focus is the well being of the child/ children.

Despite the situation between you and the other parent you never seek to use your child / children as a weapon nor pawn against the other.

The many sacrifices made are appreciated.
If no one has told you recently, you are amazing!

Kudos to you for stepping up and standing strong!
Though the roads are often tough you never give up and keep pressing forward.

Doing the very best that you can is all that anyone can ask.
Your efforts are appreciated & respected.

May you have a phenomenal day!
You are already blessed!
Receive it!
Che’ xoxo

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