Move On


Good Morning! Thank you Father for this day. Most of us wouldn’t knowingly get involved in a bad situation. Right?

At the time we may think that it is the best thing we’ve encountered.
Or we may think that we can handle anything that comes our way.

Often neither are the case. We eventually come to the realization that things aren’t what they at first seemed; they may be in fact worse.

Now regret starts to set in. You ask yourself why; why me? Why didn’t things turn out better? The list of whys run the gamut.

Mistakes are going to happen; but its what you do when they occur is what counts. Dwelling on all that didn’t pan out will accomplish nothing.

Life is about living; action; movement. Life is meant to be lived; its a growing process, momentum is necessary.

Moving on may at times be a slow process but its vital for survival.
The most daunting part of the journey is the first step.

You can not move forward and embrace your future if your arms are laden with the baggage of the past.

Let go. Let God. Forgive. Move on.

Be inspired to be the best you possible, live your life to its fullest potential. Time is of the essence, why not start today?

May you have a wonderfully productive day ahead!


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One thought on “Move On

  1. There is a lot of truth here….however the biggest truth is…..its so hard to let go and move on…..but, it is worth it. Thank you for this today.

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