Thank you Father for this day!

In life we may desire more than we currently possess.
We have goals and ideals that we’d like to attain.

More often than not we focus on getting to the end result rather than the journey itself.

Without the right amount of preperation, it would be almost impossible to bring these goals and ideals to fruition.

We wonder why despite all of our tireless efforts the goal is still unattainable.

We never stop to think that the right foundation had not been laid. The lushest of gardens requires that the soil be tilled and fertilized PRIOR to the seeds being planted.

Likewise the seeds of Prosperity requires adequate and appropriate preparation as well as nourishment to blossom.

If your mind, body and soul aren’t properly nourished and edified how can the seeds of prosperity be expected to flourish?

Remove all negative energy, influences and actions from your surroundings. Worse case decrease them if complete removal isn’t feasible.

You will certainly start seeing your seeds of prosperity start flourishing!

Be blessed,



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