Happy Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s Day to my Family, Friends, FBF, Foes & Fauxes.

Being a father isn’t about paying child support. It’s more about being a role model, nurturing and supporting your child’s growth & development.

Though the monetary aspect makes life easier, the moral support will go way farther.

Much respect to those who handle their responsibilities consistently without having to be asked or told, by anyone especially the law.

Support of your child should never HAVE to be dictated by a court of law.

Loving your child should be unconditional, never a matter of convenience.

Being adult enough to put the needs of your child above those of anyone else is an art form few have been able to master.
Children should never be used as pawns.
Loving your child should be unconditional, never convenient.

As a mother I would never claim to be a father as well. Any real mother would step up to the plate to make sure that the needs of their child are met. Doing so does not make us fathers.

The best father for a child is their own, if for whatever reason he is unwilling and or unable to fulfill his duty to his child, there are others ready, willing and able to do so.
Step up or stand down

Hats off to all of the Father figures, uncles, grand fathers, step fathers, adoptive fathers, foster fathers & mentors. Your efforts are recognized & appreciated.

Special Father’s day greetings to the man that contributed to my growth & development, who loved & supported me unconditionally, my father Winston Alexander

I love & miss you daddy!
Also to my brothers Joel Andre and Dion Anthony.

Happy Father’s Day!!!


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