Paths Crossing


GM Family, Friends, Foes & Fauxes. Thank you Father 4 this day! I am grateful for the people that GOD has placed in my life.

The good, bad & indifferent. Everyone in your life is there for a reason, season or lifetime. You don’t cross paths with anyone by accident.

While we have no logical explanation for the “chance encounter” trust that it was no accident.

Divine intervention was put into play.

Often we need to exert patience in most situations to find out what the purpose of the meeting really was.

More often than not we rush to make assumptions as to the purpose without having enough knowledge of the facts.

While all lessons learned may not be of a pleasant nature, there is much value to be had from the experience.

Most of us will learn the from the first instance, while others will need to be reminded constantly.

Be the best you possible & remember, Karma is simply a reimbursement vehicle.
Penalty or Reward, YOU decide.

Have a blessed & productive week ahead!

Che’ xoxo

#TeamWinning #BlessedBeyondMeasure


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