Dream Chasers

GM! Thank you Father for this day! Often we have goals & ideal we’d like to accomplish.

We share our vision with people we believe to be in our corner, hoping to receive their support.

What we often overlook is that despite the fact that they’re there physically doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be supportive of your aspirations.

Often that’s because they have no aspirations of their own.

Surround yourself with positive; enlightened, edifying people, who realize that a candle’s light isn’t diminished by lighting another!

Live your life to the fullest!

Chase your Dreams with hard work and determination you will catch them!

May you find favor at every juncture, have a blessed & productive day ahead,
Che’ xoxo
#SuperMom #TeamWinning #MogulInTheMaking #WEA #NJ15 #BlessedBeyondMeasure



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