The Twitter Poem — Feel Free to Retweet it



The Twitter Poem — Feel Free to Re-tweet it
By: Talin Orfali

Twitter you are great,
It is where people tell it up straight,
in 140 characters or less,
Where people take out stress.

Re-tweets, Conversations, Hashtags Galore,
This is a great website that has not been thought of before,
It’s a great way for yourself to express,
where you do not have to try so hard to impress.

Trending, News, Life, Entertainment, and Events,
waiting to see from it all about a new thing someone invents,
Following Stars, Artists, News Anchors, and more,
Reading everything really is never a bore.

It helps you create and share,
reading short statuses, enough that you can bare,
this social media site is a new twist,
It is majority on lots of people’s list.

A Re-tweeted Popular Oscars Ellen’s Selfie when Twitter broke & shut down,
That really got everyone excited, and happy…

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