Salute to Moms Worldwide

Happy Mother’s Day to All of the Mothers, Grand Mothers, God Mothers, Mothers in law, Mother Figures, Step Mothers, Mothers to be across the World, who have ever comforted a cry, lent a listening ear or stayed up all night to soothe and care for a child ( adult ones included).

Although we shouldn’t have just one particular day set aside to show our appreciation, we’ll take the time to express our sincerest thoughts and emotions on this day.

A Mother’s job is never easy. A times it may seem like the hardest job in the world! The hours are long and tiring, the team is often rambunctious and un cooperative and morale sometimes is non existent. But the benefit package is second to none!

The Love, respect and growth is very rewarding!
On this Special Day we take the time to say We Love You Mom & Thank you for all you’ve done & will continue to do for us!

May your day be filled with lots of love and laughter, warm hugs, smiles & many more great memories!

A Very Special Happy Mother’s Day Salute to All of the Mom’s & Mother Figures Resting In Peace.
You may be gone, but you certainly aren’t forgotten.

May you forever Rest In Peace!
Happy Mother’s Day you All!



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