Say it ain’t so!

Footage has surfaced of Singer Solange Knowles, attacking her brother in law, Hip hop Mogul Jay-Z, in an elevator as her Megastar sister Beyoncé looks on.

The incident took place at an after party for the Met Gala, which took place on 5/5/14, at the Standard Hotel in NYC.

The surveillance footage was published with no audio, but Solange could clearly be seen confronting Jay-Z then launching an assault upon him. A rather large man restrained Solange and she is shown furiously fighting and trying to break his hold and lunging for Jay-Z a few times.

At one point Solange landed a kick and Jay-Z grabbed ahold of her foot, he could be seen verbalizing words, but made no attempt to retaliate.

Beyoncé steps in between them but is in her husband’s corner.

The bodyguard can be seen hitting the emergency stop button, presumably to keep the doors from opening whilst the commotion was ensuing.

Now it’s my opinion that there is audio, I believe that it’s of an inflammatory nature and so it was removed. Any establishment of prestige would not be caught without surveillance that included audio.

TMZ broke the story a few hours ago.
So my guess is that they also have the audio that went along with the video.

Pictures were posted of them exiting the elevator, Solange looks furious, as Queen Bey, ever so poised looks, unshaken, Jay-Z has an uneasy look.

Check out the video:



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