Do you agree?

Whoa! Now I thought I had no filter!
I just read this article and was very surprised! I even blushed a little bit!

Now don’t get me wrong, I agreed with some of her opinions, but the way she put things well, let’s just say she was straight no chaser!

I’m not going to ruin the fun for you by telling you what the article entailed, but I will post the link to it.
She’s a ballsy chick, I’ll give her that!

What say you?



One thought on “Do you agree?

  1. Being a guy, I would love to fuck on the first date, but as for the lady, sometimes all guys want to do is get in them pants and once they get it they are gone. So, it will prob work out good for the guy, but if she gives it up on the first date and he bounces..she looks like a whore. Sad, but true. If she wants a real relationship, she should wait before she fuck him. And if it’s real, he will still be there.

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