GM. Thank you Father for this day.

Life does not come with instructions.  

 Mistakes will be made, feelings hurt, trust misplaced, love lost. 

 When things don’t go they way we had hoped, we are often left feeling hurt, rejected and alone. 

 For most an apology would start the healing process.  

Often the offender would beg to differ as to whose truly at fault. 

 An apology may not be forthcoming. 

 Self forgiveness is often required.  

 Forgive yourself for believing the best of the worst, for holding on longer than you should have. 

 Forgiving does not mean forgetting.

It’s just giving yourself permission to move on and heal.  

May you find the strength necessary to move forward on your journey.

Wishing you a favor filled day,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋
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