Pray for Baltimore

Baltimore Maryland was besieged by waves of violence today by protesters turned into rioters, in the wake of the Funeral for Freddie Gray. 

  Freddie Gray was the unarmed city man who suffered an inexplicable severe spinal cord injury and subsequently died of same, whilst in police custody on April 19th 2015.  

  His death has sparked ongoing outrage and public outcry in the recent surge of deaths to unarmed civilians at the hands of law enforcement officials. 


“Too many of our youth are dying and no one is being held accountable.The Police are supposed to protect and serve not slay unarmed civilians.”
  CB Lovett, Point Of View,

Allegedly students in Baltimore responded to a flier that was circulated via social media about a Purge that was scheduled to start at 3pm EST, at Mondawmin Mall and end in Downtown Baltimore. 

 Droves of protesters could be seen swarming the streets of Baltimore, in what was to be a protest that quickly escalated into a riot. 


From televised news reports, stores could be seen being looted, CVS, Save A Lot, a Liquor store, a Cellphone Store as well as a barrage of other businesses were looted, causing innumerable damages and  loss of property. 

Property was set ablaze, billows of smoke could be seen for miles. 


Police outfitted in riot gear barricaded the streets in the hope of deterring the crowds, to no avail. 

 While unrest took over the city streets, rioters pelted the Police with stones, bricks and other debris.

In one News report as well as viral video, Police were seen Pelting rocks at the rioters. Police opened fire with tear gas bombs and pepper balls.

Dozens of arrests have been made thus far. Several civilians as well as police officers have been injured and hospitalized.

 Maryland’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced that the city has imposed a mandatory curfew from 10 pm – 5 am daily, effective tomorrow that will tentatively last until next Tuesday. 
  This is in addition to the mandatory curfew already in place of 9 pm EST for children under 14, while teenagers ages 14 – 16 have to be indoors by 10 pm EST on school nights.

“Baltimore rioters are rebels with misplaced causes. If the purpose of your angst is violence why incite more? Destroying the Community you have to life in sends what message?”
                                                              CB Lovett, 
                                                              Point Of View,

Maryland Governer Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency, earlier, thereby activating the National Guard. 

“I have not made this decision lightly. The National Guard represents a last resort.” 
                      Larry Hogan, Governer State of Maryland

Approximately 500 State Troopers are en route to Baltimore, as well as 5000 Officers were requested from Neighboring States.

Though this is a travesty of Epic proportions, maybe now the Federal Government will intervene and hold someone accountable for yet another act of senseless violence, in the death of Freddie Gray, yet another innocent life that was taken at the hands of the Police. Police Brutality & the use of excessive once is at an all time high.


 If the rioting in Furgeson, as well as the Nationwide protests has taught us nothing, hopefully this will. Violence begets violence, not Peace. 

This Community is hurting. Hurt People, Hurt People.

When will this viscous cycle end?

How many more lives will be lost at the hands of those entrusted to protect us?

I pray we find the answers, soon.

May the Peace we seek be available to us all, sooner rather than later,

 Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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