Welcome to The Bipolar Experience!

This is my sanctuary! I retreat to my blog to rant about just about any & everything that crosses my mind. Some are brutally honest, idiotic, poetic, heart wrenching, xrated, entertaining, informative but more importantly purely just my take on whatever! Lolz

I have a take no prisoners approach, while it is not always my goal to hurt anyone’s feelings, sometimes that’s the end result.

If you find my content at all offensive, feel free to never read it again.
After all just as it’s your prerogative to Not read my content, its the same prerogative I’ll exercise to not care what you think, feel or do… 🙂

That being said, I have things to do, feel free to visit regularly or not…

The choice is yours; choose wisely 🙂

Che’ xoxo

One thought on “About

  1. Tried to reach you from twitter. İm a bipolar too. Good blog. Hope to read more. Take care. Regards

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