It’s sad that in 2016 we are faced with the fact that a large majority of the population think that it is ok and should be acceptable the way at black people are being treated.

Being gunned down by the very people put in place to protect you? How can you feel safe?

What happened to our rights?

Black own businesses are being targeted and shutdown! Boycotting establishments that continue to foster a negative, racist environment is the only to be acknowledged. Make them feel it in their pockets!

We are HUMAN!

This country cared more about a damned Gorilla!

Marching and Rioting puts us in harms way, increasing the likelihood of us being falsely arrested and possibly killed, becoming yet another statistic.

We can’t even protest on private property without the law encroaching on our rights and arresting us.

Hit them where it hurts!

Black Lives & Dollars Matter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackDollarsMatter #BlackOpinionsMatter




Rapper / Actor TI weighs in on Police Brutality

I came across this interview of Rapper / Actor Clifford “TI Tip” Harris being interviewed on CNN by Don Lemon, regarding the recent surge in Police brutality cases within the black and minority communities.


The entertainer broke down the way that most law enforcement personnel treat people of color with blatant disregard.

TI was very eloquent in his surmising.

Very well said!

Check out the interview below.

Actor Rapper TI on CNN

Che’ xoxo💋💋

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Pray for Nepal

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the Earthquake in Nepal.  

Please check with the Red Cross and other Community Organizations to see how you may be able to help this Nation out. 


Stay Strong, Nepal.

For a list of emergency contact numbers to check on loved ones, as well as ways to contribute to the disaster relief efforts please check out the following sites:

Emergency Contact Numbers In Nepal
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Donations
Donate now
May Peace & Divine Guidence reign upon you all,

 💋💋Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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Pray for Baltimore

Baltimore Maryland was besieged by waves of violence today by protesters turned into rioters, in the wake of the Funeral for Freddie Gray. 

  Freddie Gray was the unarmed city man who suffered an inexplicable severe spinal cord injury and subsequently died of same, whilst in police custody on April 19th 2015.  

  His death has sparked ongoing outrage and public outcry in the recent surge of deaths to unarmed civilians at the hands of law enforcement officials. 


“Too many of our youth are dying and no one is being held accountable.The Police are supposed to protect and serve not slay unarmed civilians.”
  CB Lovett, Point Of View,

Allegedly students in Baltimore responded to a flier that was circulated via social media about a Purge that was scheduled to start at 3pm EST, at Mondawmin Mall and end in Downtown Baltimore. 

 Droves of protesters could be seen swarming the streets of Baltimore, in what was to be a protest that quickly escalated into a riot. 


From televised news reports, stores could be seen being looted, CVS, Save A Lot, a Liquor store, a Cellphone Store as well as a barrage of other businesses were looted, causing innumerable damages and  loss of property. 

Property was set ablaze, billows of smoke could be seen for miles. 


Police outfitted in riot gear barricaded the streets in the hope of deterring the crowds, to no avail. 

 While unrest took over the city streets, rioters pelted the Police with stones, bricks and other debris.

In one News report as well as viral video, Police were seen Pelting rocks at the rioters. Police opened fire with tear gas bombs and pepper balls.

Dozens of arrests have been made thus far. Several civilians as well as police officers have been injured and hospitalized.

 Maryland’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced that the city has imposed a mandatory curfew from 10 pm – 5 am daily, effective tomorrow that will tentatively last until next Tuesday. 
  This is in addition to the mandatory curfew already in place of 9 pm EST for children under 14, while teenagers ages 14 – 16 have to be indoors by 10 pm EST on school nights.

“Baltimore rioters are rebels with misplaced causes. If the purpose of your angst is violence why incite more? Destroying the Community you have to life in sends what message?”
                                                              CB Lovett, 
                                                              Point Of View,

Maryland Governer Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency, earlier, thereby activating the National Guard. 

“I have not made this decision lightly. The National Guard represents a last resort.” 
                      Larry Hogan, Governer State of Maryland

Approximately 500 State Troopers are en route to Baltimore, as well as 5000 Officers were requested from Neighboring States.

Though this is a travesty of Epic proportions, maybe now the Federal Government will intervene and hold someone accountable for yet another act of senseless violence, in the death of Freddie Gray, yet another innocent life that was taken at the hands of the Police. Police Brutality & the use of excessive once is at an all time high.


 If the rioting in Furgeson, as well as the Nationwide protests has taught us nothing, hopefully this will. Violence begets violence, not Peace. 

This Community is hurting. Hurt People, Hurt People.

When will this viscous cycle end?

How many more lives will be lost at the hands of those entrusted to protect us?

I pray we find the answers, soon.

May the Peace we seek be available to us all, sooner rather than later,

 Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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Elizabeth Lauten forced to resign

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Elizabeth Lauten is.
In case you are, she’s the GOP Staffer who made the ill fated decision to ridicule the POTUS’ bored teenaged daughters for their behavior during the Presidential Turkey Pardoning Ceremony.IMG_1190.JPG
First Daughters’ Smirk & wicked side eye on deck!


Are we done yet? Ugh!

Now I personally found it refreshing that they were honest enough to show their boredom & displeasure. Why you ask?
They are NORMAL Teenagers! That’s why. My kids do it, so does the POTUS’ kids. But everyone didn’t share my opinion.

Elizabeth Lauten, Former ( Yes, I did say FORMER, as in not currently employed by, former) Communications Director for Tennessee Republican Rep. Steve Fincher and a former communications staffer for the Republican National Committee, wrote this scathing post on her personal Facebook page, that went viral :

Really Elizabeth? You of all people should have known better.

This post set off a fire storm of events on Social media, namely Twitter.
The Twitterazzi aka #BlackTwitter #BlackTwitterMafia launched one of the most vicious campaigns I can recall, since I joined the Militia in 2009.
Elizabeth Lauten became a trending topic #ElizabethLauten # FireElizabethLauten.

Demanding her head on a platter ( figuratively) or the next best thing, her resignation. Either would have sufficed.

Imagine my delight when I read that she was forced to resign !

Adults need to understand whether personal or political, children are off-limit. Point blank. Period.

I’d say justice was served. I, for one am happy.

So to her I say: Think twice, type once.

In my opinion the POTUS was like

#YoureFired * Donald Trump Voice, Toupee not included😂😂😂😂


World AIDS Day 2014

Today is World AIDS Day.
Many people we know and love are living with this disease. Some are aware, some aren’t.

There are many testing centers that offer free, confidential testing.

The scary part is not knowing.
Get Tested. Know your status.

type in your zipcode for free testing locationsIMG_1187.GIF

Asbury Park Pop Warner Midget Football

Asbury Park New Jersey is but one square mile.  A seaside community, nestled in New Jersey’s central coast. Known for being the birth-place of Bruce Springsteen; home of the Legendary Stone Pony as well as its amazing beach, shops and nightlife, it is now being put on the map for another great reason. Football. Pop Warner Football to be exact.

This journey started approximately seven years ago. A group of then aged 7 year old boys joined the Asbury Park Pop Warner Football’s Mitey Mite Program. Over the next seven years, coming up through the ranks to arrive at the Midget rank, this team has persevered. Under the skillful guidance and tutelage of several coaches, the addition and subtraction of a few players, several triumphs & tribulations, the recipe for success was finally tweaked to perfection.

The skill set honed by APPW’s current coaching staff, led by Pop Warner President Teddy Wilson, Head Coach Robert Taylor, Troy Ramsey, Cyrus Green & Desmond Ford, has led to several of the players being courted by Division 1 & 2 College recruiters, as early as their freshman year in High school. We should mention that Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Vinny Curry is also an Asbury Park Pop Warner Alumni. The way things are shaping up, we may have several future NFL Players in training.

One of the core values instilled in the team is that with hard work and dedication, nothing is impossible. It is with that same mindset that the team has volunteered to help feed the less fortunate on Thanksgiving day.The team will be scattered through-out the community assisting the less fortunate, as part of our give-back program. One wrong move is all it could take to keep you from achieving our dreams. They are definitely on the right path and we aim to keep them there.

The hard work and dedication demonstrated by the team as well as their coaching staff (past & present)  and support staff have paid off.The Asbury Park Pop Warner Midgets are currently undefeated, for the 2014 Football Season; with an amazing score of 10-0, this team will definitely go down in the Asbury Park History books.


The Midgets are 1 game away from competing in the Pop Warner Super Bowl Championship in Orlando Florida.

On Friday November 28th 2014, at 12:00 PM, Asbury Park Pop Warner Midgets will face off against Washington DC Ward 5  at Camden Catholic High School, 301 Cuthbert Blvd, Cherry Hill NJ 08002, for the right to play in the Pop Warner Superbowl at Walt Disney World in Florida the week of December 6-13!  If they win, they will be crowned the National Champions!

In these tough economic times the trip to Florida is expensive and the boys aren’t able to afford it. We are enlisting the Community’s support to help raise it for them.   The Traveling team consists of 21 players, 5 coaches and 2 team moms.   Our goal is to raise $30,000.00 to cover the cost of travel expenses, room & board as well as meal & miscellaneous expenses.

A gofundme account has been set up by Tom De Seno, a former Asbury Park Resident, to aid in the teams journey to Pop Warner Super Bowl.

As a contingency, should there be an unexpected upset in the conference game and the team is not victorious in their bid to Florida, any money donated for the trip will then be deposited to the Asbury Park Pop Warner Football & Cheer Program’s Equipment Fund.The program is very much in need of new equipment, as well as it will help to cover the costs associated with the various tournaments & competition entrance fees for the cheerleaders. The program gives the youth something to look forward to, it encourages them to work hard towards achieving their dreams.  On average, it costs over $200 to outfit a football player and even more for the cheerleaders. These funds will help to jumpstart the 2015 Football & cheer season.

We are asking the public at large to be a part of a positive story for the City by the Sea, and help these boys make Pop Warner History!

While support does not always have to be monetary in value, we are also seeking moral support, in the form of exposure. We understand that times are hard financially, so if you’re unable to make a monetary contribution please like and share our link so that we may reach a broader audience.

If you know of any persons or businesses willing to donate or sponsor the team, please contact us at or via any of our social media links.

Connect with us via social media!

Please like and share our facebook page:


Visit our Go Fund Me Page at

Lend a hand any way that you can. Every bit helps!

Donate! Like! Share!

Let’s make this Team Viral!

Thank you for your continued support.

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