I am SHE

GM! Thank you Father 4 this day!
She was always very ambitious.
She had a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

But she lacked the confidence necessary to make her dreams a reality.

Then one day she realized, if she didn’t believe in herself, no one else would.

After much soul searching, She found the answers to her questions. Prayer works wonders.

She now believes that with GOD, confidence, hard work and dedication all things are possible.

She now inspires others to realize their full potential.

I am her & SHE is ME!

Have a blessed and productive day ahead,

Che’ xoxo

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These disorders are often dismissed because others can’t identify with them.

They are very real and can have serious affects on your quality of life, if left untreated.

Help is out there, please seek it.


Metabolism Boosters

As we get older often our metabolism tends to become sluggish.
Here are a few tips to boost
your metabolism.

Che’ xoxo


Link between Genius and Madness

It’s always been my unsupported belief that there was a link between genius and madness.

Not saying that I am or anything, though at times I must admit, the thought has crossed my mind!

I was having a conversation with someone recently, who was unfortunate enough to have wagered that it was highly unlikely that there was any merit to my theory.

Well needless to say, I won.
Enclosed is the article, that I referenced.
I’ll post a pic of the Shoes I won, at some point!
Thank you Google!




Vitamin Boosters

I came across these alleged Vitamin boosters, so I’m gonna give them a try!
Luckily they all taste great!
Che’ xoxo