It’s sad that in 2016 we are faced with the fact that a large majority of the population think that it is ok and should be acceptable the way at black people are being treated.

Being gunned down by the very people put in place to protect you? How can you feel safe?

What happened to our rights?

Black own businesses are being targeted and shutdown! Boycotting establishments that continue to foster a negative, racist environment is the only to be acknowledged. Make them feel it in their pockets!

We are HUMAN!

This country cared more about a damned Gorilla!

Marching and Rioting puts us in harms way, increasing the likelihood of us being falsely arrested and possibly killed, becoming yet another statistic.

We can’t even protest on private property without the law encroaching on our rights and arresting us.

Hit them where it hurts!

Black Lives & Dollars Matter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackDollarsMatter #BlackOpinionsMatter




Rapper / Actor TI weighs in on Police Brutality

I came across this interview of Rapper / Actor Clifford “TI Tip” Harris being interviewed on CNN by Don Lemon, regarding the recent surge in Police brutality cases within the black and minority communities.


The entertainer broke down the way that most law enforcement personnel treat people of color with blatant disregard.

TI was very eloquent in his surmising.

Very well said!

Check out the interview below.

Actor Rapper TI on CNN

Che’ xoxo💋💋

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