You May Be Blocking Your Blessings 

Good Morning & Great Rising!Often we wonder why things aren’t going better for us; despite all of our efforts. Never once stopping to think about the person we cut off in traffic, ( you gotta wait like everyone else!) the coworker whose request for help me ignored ( I had to finish my project) , nor the homeless person we did not give change to ( I don’t have any change!)

These are instances that often go unrecognized whilst questioning our Karma.

Today I ask you to make an extra effort to be kinder to someone; especially someone in need.

We are blessed to be in a position to help another, wouldn’t it be great if someone helped us?

Set your frequency to a much higher vibration!

Vibrate on the highest frequency possible!

Don’t throw shade when you can shed light!

Think twice, act once!

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Good Morning.

Thank you Father for this day. 

 Perception is everything.   

 One’s perception of any given situation can alter the course of life as we know it.  

 We all have the power within us to make significant changes in our lives as well as those of others, it just depends on our perspectives. 

 May you never misuse your power and make the very best of All that life has to offer. 

 Wishing you a favor filled day,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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Inner Peace

GM. Thank you Father for this day.

We should never give anyone enough power to be able to destroy our inner peace.


Remain focused and grounded.


Any discord sowed, is solely the responsibility of the one creating the havoc, allow them to retain full ownership.


Self preservation is key. Everything in life isn’t meant to be shared.


May the love and peace of the Almighty dwell within you always,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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The Best is yet to come

GM. Thank you Father for this day.

Life does not come with instructions.


Mistakes will be made.


Don’t let your present situation define your life. Leave the past where it is.


Some of the best times in your life are yet to come.


Greatness is within us all. Dig deeper.

May you have a blessed and productive day ahead,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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GM. Thank you Father for this day.

There will be things that happen in life that we don’t agree with. 

Things that are meant to evoke a perceived negative reaction from us.


Draw on your inner strength and rise above it.


The truest test of one’s strength is often in the act of letting go, rather than holding on…


May you have the strength and courage to conquer all obstacles today,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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GM. Thank you Father for this day.

Most strive for perfection.

In our lives, work, relationships etc.

Often we are so focused on perfection that we neglect to acknowledge the progress that has been made.


Celebrate the smallest of milestones along the way.

May you experience a favor filled day,

Che’ xoxo 💋💋

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