Language of Love

Peace, Good Morning & Great Rising!

  Many words spoken are from languages other than English.

Language barriers often keep us segregated.

Love is the one language that transcends all.

The language of love is understood by all regardless of the native tongue.

This love is felt through your Universal vibrations.

Be sure to vibrate on the highest frequency possible today & everyday.

Let your love transcend all barriers…

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Thank you Father for this day.

Often the apology we feel is necessary, may never come.
You have to be okay with that.
Forgiveness is more about you and less about them.


Forgive yourself for seeing more in someone, than they were able to see in themselves.

Forgive yourself for holding on way past the expiration date, for having hope in a hopeless situation.


Forgive yourself for loving someone who wasn’t readily available to return the love that you so freely gave.


Forgive yourself for treating someone better than they deserved.
Forgiveness is necessary for healing.


With time and appropriate care, these wounds will eventually heal.

As long as we stop touching them.
Reopening wounds puts you at risk for infection, which can cause further damage.


Give yourself the opportunity to heal. Stay away from what caused the wound.


You deserve to be treated with love & respect.
You are worthy. You ARE Enough.
Never apologize for knowing your Worth.

May you be blessed beyond measure today,


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Positive Thoughts

Good Morning.
Thank You Father for this day. 
 Positive thoughts can change your life. 

 The ability to see the good in any situation can alter the course of your life. 

 Always remember, were it not for pressure, a diamond would remain a rock.  

 Positive thoughts, followed by actions usually yield the best results. 

 Life will not always be full of Sunshine and Blue Skies. 

 Rain is vital for the growth of crops and all things alive. 

 Smile through the Sunshine, 

 Dance through the Rain!

May you experience a wealth of uncommon favor today,
 πŸ’‹πŸ’‹Che’ xoxo πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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GM. Thank you Father for this day. 

 Passion is defined as a very strong feeling about a person or thing, an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or burning desire to accomplish or attain something or someone. 

 Passion is a necessary component for success.   

When you do what you love, it will never seem like work.

 Without passion you are likely to be distracted and less motivated. 

Be Passionate about your life, your goals and your loved ones. 

 Let your passion propel you to a better future.

May you find favor at every juncture,

Che’ xoxoπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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Inner Peace

GM. Thank you Father for this day.

We should never give anyone enough power to be able to destroy our inner peace.


Remain focused and grounded.


Any discord sowed, is solely the responsibility of the one creating the havoc, allow them to retain full ownership.


Self preservation is key. Everything in life isn’t meant to be shared.


May the love and peace of the Almighty dwell within you always,

Che’ xoxo πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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