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9 Healthy reasons youshould have sex every night

9 Healthy reasons youshould have sex every night.


GM. Thank you Father for this day.

Most strive for perfection.

In our lives, work, relationships etc.

Often we are so focused on perfection that we neglect to acknowledge the progress that has been made.


Celebrate the smallest of milestones along the way.

May you experience a favor filled day,

Cheโ€™ xoxo ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

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World AIDS Day 2014

Today is World AIDS Day.
Many people we know and love are living with this disease. Some are aware, some aren’t.

There are many testing centers that offer free, confidential testing.

The scary part is not knowing.
Get Tested. Know your status.

type in your zipcode for free testing locationsIMG_1187.GIF

Ford is Hiring, Detroit Michigan


For anyone looking for a job, and possibly willing to relocate.
Ford is hiring in their Detroit Michigan Plant!

Deelishis or Nah?

Mmmmmmm I don’t quite know what to make of this…

Allegations of improprieties have been swirling around former Flavor of Love Contestant Deelishis, the 36 year old, born Chandra Davis, also known as London Charles is accused of having a relationship with a minor, presumably for almost a year and a half!

Earlier this year she attended his Prom with him! He had been posting personal pics of himself, along with Deelishis and her children & friends.

Check out the sordid details at


Then check out her response:

Deelishis refutes claims of having an underaged lover via Mediatakeout.com


What’s your take?20140613-205459-75299849.jpg

Looks can be deceiving or are they?

Do you agree?

Whoa! Now I thought I had no filter!
I just read this article and was very surprised! I even blushed a little bit!

Now don’t get me wrong, I agreed with some of her opinions, but the way she put things well, let’s just say she was straight no chaser!

I’m not going to ruin the fun for you by telling you what the article entailed, but I will post the link to it.
She’s a ballsy chick, I’ll give her that!

What say you?