9 Healthy reasons youshould have sex every night

9 Healthy reasons youshould have sex every night.


Be Proud

GM! Thank you Father for this day.

Life is a journey that should be enjoyed as you go along.

Be proud of your progress, every step of the way!

Celebrate your victories, big & small, recognize them all.

Be Proud of yourself, NOW!

May you experience a favor filled day,

Che’ xoxo 


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Che’ xoxo πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Be Happy

I asked myself that question and the answer was no. I was not and haven’t been happy in quite some time.

I had to honesty re reevaluate my life and came to the conclusion that I was holding on to way too much baggage and responsibilities that weren’t mine.
I have since began releasing them.

I have allowed people and circumstances to control my life for far too long.
I WAS an enabler. I MADE excuses for the people that I loved.
Excuses that enabled them to continue to inadvertently (or not) take me for granted. I stood by and allowed myself to be mistreated by those that I loved.


No longer will I suffer from self imposed laryngitis.
I have found my voice. I will reclaim my life.

I forgive those who have mistreated me. Most Importantly I FORGIVE MYSELF for Allowing it to happen.


Give yourself the permission to be the best you.

You can’t move forward to embrace your future if your arms are laden with the baggage of the past.

Let go of the weights that have held you back. The greatest of journeys start with that 1 first step.

Step out on faith.


Let it go! Life awaits you!


Make your next move your best move!
Be Great!

World AIDS Day 2014

Today is World AIDS Day.
Many people we know and love are living with this disease. Some are aware, some aren’t.

There are many testing centers that offer free, confidential testing.

The scary part is not knowing.
Get Tested. Know your status.

type in your zipcode for free testing locationsIMG_1187.GIF

Invest in Yourself

Certainly every Woman loves Material Possessions.
Who wouldn’t like a Gucci or Louis Vuitton or Prada Bag?

I certainly would love it!
But I’ve found that while those bags are gorgeous to have, I’d much rather have a healthy mind, body & soul.

Eating right in combination with a healthier choices as well as a great workout routine boosts confidence and self esteem and in turn can lead to a longer, healthier life.

Looking and feeling great can work wonders for you.
Why not start on your journey to becoming a better you?

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It’s not a fad, it’s a life style!
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You should too!

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Let’s get working on those Forever Bodies!IMG_0831.JPG







Summer Ab Workout

We’d all like to be on optimal shape for the Summer.
When we look good, we feel good.

Some will do whatever is necessary to
achieve those results.
Others won’t.

Here is a quick easy workout regimen that can assist you in obtaining those results.

Remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy.


Time over money

In my opinion, Money can’t raise a child.
It can assist with their material needs,
but it takes love, support, guidance and discipline to develop a child character and well being.

There are many things in life that money can’t buy.

The memories created by spending time with your child, encouraging and nurturing them is priceless.
Time is one of the most important things that once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

We need to focus less on the monetary aspects and more on the nurturing aspects.

Loving, caring and devoting time into your child’s growth & development is a worthy investment that is sure to have a significant pay off.

Invest in (a) your
child today!