GM World! Here we are 1 week into the New Year & I am yet to experience a Bipolar Meltdown! Yay Me!
As many of you know I experience frequent bouts of anxiety, irrational instances & overall craziness! 😉

So far so good! What I am doing differently is that I am accepting responsibility for the things that occur in my life. Though at times it may indeed be a bitter pill to swallow, if I don’t do it who will?

Saying that to say, with my new found sense of accountability I have realized that inadvertently we often enable our loved ones to treat us in a manner that isn’t conducive to what we deserve. We make excuses for their behaviors or lack there of.

When we do that not only are we doing them a huge disservice but we are also enabling them, then we complain about them and put ourselves in the roll of the victims.
Had we not enabled them they would not think that they could getaway with th misbehavior.

Ask yourself, are you part of the problem or the solution. Have a heart to heart with yourself. If you can’t keep it real with yourself, how can you keep it real with others?

In closing I’ll leave you with this:
When you settle; you are being short changed in more ways than one.
What are you worth?

Peace & divine guidance to you all,
Find favor in every venture,
I’ll be hopelessly bipolar forever 😉
Che’ xoxo